Planning for the Future

We plan when we are younger by saving in a 401K and purchasing insurances, to be sure we can retire when we want to.  But what about planning for what happens beyond retirement? Or when you have enjoyed years of retirement and your health begins to change? You plan for health changes when you are younger so why not now? Planning for the future of unknowns can be scary. Educating yourself at an earlier age means you are more prepared emotionally, socially and financially.  It is hard to think about things like, where do I want to live the rest of my life? Do I want to downsize my home? Do I want to live in a retirement community or assisted living facility? But these are all important questions which should be answered, and the answers should be shared with your loved ones in case you need them to speak on your behalf.

A Care Plan

It is important to have a care plan in place, so your loved ones know your wishes. This could eliminate having them decide on your behalf should you be unable to. The fact is family care giving can take a financial and emotional toll on family members. While caregivers are affected, often it is the care recipient who is most effected when things don’t go as they planned. It is hard to imagine not having control over your own future, but it happens all too often.  When there is a physical or mental change which prevents one from making decisions, caregivers are forced to make decisions.  The more knowledge you have shared with your family, the more likely you are to have your wishes carried out.

So what types of things should you be looking at?

The simply answer is everything.  Make sure your financial plans are in order.  Talk with your financial adviser or accountant.  Talk with your lawyer to be sure all your legal matters are taken care of.  Have a conversation with your doctor.  Make sure they know what your wishes are in case of a medical emergency.  Investigate the different types of housing and ask questions.  Visit retirement communities, Independent living apartments, personal care facilities or any type of living arrangement you think you may want.  If you want to stay in your home, investigate your options to help you do that as your life changes.  Today there are many at home services available to you.  Educate yourself on what they are, how they work and how they are paid for.  All this information will help you to make the best decision possible.

Think this won’t happen to you, think again. As a nation, we are growing older. Today, 30 million households in the United States are caring for adults over 50 years of age and that number will double in the next 25 years. Care giving will be as common as finding childcare.

If you have not started this conversation, it is not too late.

You don’t need to tackle everything in one day. Go slowly and work through it as you can. If you want more information and hints on how to facilitate the conversation call Assured Assistance at 610-796-4737.

Assured Assistance is a non-medical homecare company based in Shillington, PA. serving Reading, Wyomissing, Sinking Spring, West Lawn, and surrounding areas.  Assured Assistance provides in home senior care, for seniors who want to remain in their homes but need some assistance to complete everyday tasks.  Assured Assistance also provides respite care, home care, and compassionate skilled senior care.   With home care, we can provide services which include but is not limited to…Companionship, Errand Services, Housekeeping, Laundry Services, Transportation, Organization Needs, Meal Preparation, Shopping/Groceries, Family Respite Care, Grooming/Hygiene Assistance AND More. We provide service when you want and how you want, anything from 3 hours to 24/7.  If you are a caregiver who needs respite, a family member looking to assist your parents in their journey to remain independent or simply looking for help for yourself, call Assured Assistance at 610-796-4737. We can provide the home care you are looking for!