It’s important to feel fulfilled

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As printed in the Reading Eagle, 50 Plus on Sunday April 12, 2020. Living life to the fullest, a cliche you might hear occasionally.  Often it is intended to make you feel better at a time you might be feeling down.  Being in the senior care industry, this is something […]

Tough conversations: Senior Driving

Senior driving is a hot topic for many people. Whether you are a family member of someone you wish wasn’t driving or a senior yourself and just want people to back off, you have strong feels about it. Seniors are more likely to be seriously injured or killed in an […]

Tips For Seniors And Caregivers To Enjoy The Holiday Season

The holiday season is fast approaching. Everyone has a list of things to get done to make this the perfect holiday season. This can lead to a stressful time for seniors and their caregivers. Unrealistic expectations, anxiety, losses, lack of sleep and general feelings of being overwhelmed are just a […]