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Someone once said to me, ‘I prefer to be called a caregiver, not a caretaker.  When I hear caretaker, I think of a funeral’.  I have never given these two terms much thought and may have even used them interchangeably in the past.  After some thought, I agreed.  I want to be known as a caregiver, one who provides care.

This reminded me of a recent client.  A woman in Exeter, who was an amazing 102 years old.  She was coming home from the hospital to a family who desperately wanted mom to return home but had no idea what it would involve.  They had all the right equipment: hospital bed, pillows, wheelchair, depends, pads, blankets, soft food (including all her favorites) and most importantly, arms open wide to embrace their sweet mother.

The ambulance arrived with mom, transferring her into her new bed which was placed right next to the large siding glass door.  Mom would have a perfect view of the patio she loved to sit on.  The ambulance crew passed on lots of paperwork and some additional supplies from the hospital.  Then they loaded their equipment and left.  The door closed behind them with finality.  The family was alone to care for mom.  Each one of them looking at the other, wondering where to start and what to do.

An Assured Assistance caregiver was already busy talking with mom is a soft voice.  Assuring her she was now safely back at home.  Our caregiver provided her with something to drink, a hand to hold and an ear to listen.  Mom expressed how glad she was to be home.

Over the next few hours, we assisted with getting mom comfortable.  When she was scared, we held her hand.   Mom loved to have someone sitting by her bed.  She often communicated with her eyes when her voice was not strong.  She was happy to hear singing, or hushed stories or just idle chit chat.  Many times, a smile appeared across her face just briefly, then her eyes closed, her breathing slowed and off to a calm slumber she went.

While it would be a wonderful end to this story to say she ’lived happily every after’  This story does not have a fairly tail ending.  Mom passed peaceful a few short days later.  While it was not a fairy tail,  she did have days filled with family and caregivers who made her last moments peaceful.  Caregivers who provided care by feeding and changing her as needed.  Caregivers who reminded family when pain was setting in and medications might be needed.  Caregivers who rubbed lotion and cremes on her skin for comfort.  Caregivers who held her hand while she prayed.  Caregivers who stayed by her bedside 24hours a day allowing family to rest.

This is careGIVING.  I am a caregiver!

Assured Assistance is a non-medical homecare company based in Shillington, PA. serving Reading, Wyomissing, Sinking Spring, West Lawn, and surrounding areas. We provide in home senior care, for seniors who want to remain in their homes but need some assistance to complete everyday tasks. Assured Assistance also provides respite care, home care, and compassionate skilled senior care. With home care, we can provide services which include but is not limited to…Companionship, Errand Services, Housekeeping, Laundry Services, Transportation, Organization Needs, Meal Preparation, Shopping/Groceries, Family Respite Care, Grooming/Hygiene Assistance AND More. We provide service when you want and how you want, anything from 3 hours to 24/7. If you are a caregiver who needs respite, a family member looking to assist your parents in their journey to remain independent or simply looking for help for yourself, call Assured Assistance at 610-796-4737. We can provide the home care you are looking for! Visit us on Facebook for more information about who we are.