Compassionate Professionals

Assured Assistance Cargivers

Assured Assistance caregivers are compassionate professionals. We know that it’s not always easy to allow someone new into your home, even if they are kind and helpful. One of the things that people like most about Assured Assistance is our team of compassionate professional caregivers. Beyond having the skills and experience to provide the help that they do, each caregiver is a truly kind, compassionate person. It’s like having a caring, helpful neighbor who’s really handy at a lot of things.

Assured Assistance is licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Health. All of our Assured Assistance professionals are given extensive employee background reviews, including drug screenings, medical evaluations and criminal history checks. We also carefully check references and work histories. Each Assured Assistance professional is fully trained (in fact, we have a strong commitment to ongoing training and development for our team members). And of course, we’re bonded and insured for your peace of mind.