A Day In the Life of A Caregiver

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Assured Assistance has the best Caregivers- hardworking, patient and loving, they know how to handle stressful situations with a smile. One of our wonderful Caregivers, Linda Bullock, shared this re-telling of one of her shifts this week. Linda has been a devoted Assured Assistance professional for over a year and a half. A former Ms. Pennsylvania, Linda brings light and laughter to the clients she works with every day! Thank you for always going the extra mile, Linda!

“‘A Day in the Life of a Caregiver’
I knew that one of my clients was in the hospital since Saturday. An elderly couple, the wife was the one in the hospital and the husband was to have been home. I approached the front door and rang the doorbell…NO ANSWER. I knew the husband should have been there as he does not drive. I drive him. He was not there. I picked up my phone to dial his number, assuming he did not hear the doorbell. Instead I found a voicemail informing me that on the way to the hospital to visit his wife, he fell and was being treated in the ER. OH MY! The wife is in one end of the hospital and the husband is in the other end in the emergency room!
Arriving at the hospital, I parked my car in order to have access to the wife’s room. I entered and asked if the husband had been admitted- NOPE- he was still in the ER at the other end of the compound. I guess I was looking confused as I stood in the hallway trying to get my thoughts together, because a guard asked me if there was a problem. I said I was trying to be in both ends of the hospital at the same time. He told me to take the shuttle to the ER. I boarded and off to the ER I went. Going through the metal detector was a riot; I was sure I was going to have to strip. Thank goodness that did not happen!
I walked town at least two city blocks-worth of halls until I found my client, flat on his back and wearing a neck brace. I found out he had taken a cab to the hospital and fell backwards off the curb and hit his head- OH MY! His only concern was for his wife on the other side of the hospital, so…back down the two city blocks of hallways, through the ER entrance and boarded the shuttle to the main entrance to check on his wife.
I decided to stop in the gift shop and to purchase a stuffed kitten because I knew she would be upset and confused. I entered the shop and announced “I NEED A STUFFED KITTEN!” The man working told me he had many snowmen, but no…no kittens. Two other shoppers in the corner of the store start yelling “LADY! LADY! WE FOUND A KITTEN!” I bought my friend her gift and told my ‘helpers’ this was going to make a truly lovely lady very happy.
After finally arriving at my client’s room, she is happy to see me, but upset and confused. I gave her the white kitten and the look on her face was priceless. It was as if I was watching a child opening a present Christmas morning to find the best gift ever. The doctor walks into the room, asking me where her husband is. This should be interesting. We spoke out in the hallway, as to not upset his wife and I explained the situation. The doctor’s professional and helpful answer was “OH” and then walked away.
In the midst of all of this, trying to communicate with their daughter, my phone battery dies. I have two choices…laugh or cry. I chose to laugh.
At this point, I still have no idea what is happening in the ER. So…back on the shuttle I go to the other end of the world. The driver gave me a strange look. I smiled, arriving back at the doors to the ER. Once again, back through the metal detector. The guards asked me if I enjoyed removing my jewelry and putting it back on again…we all laughed. Once again, down the two city blocks of hallways when as I turn the corner, here comes a nurse pushing my client in a wheelchair, ready to come home. HOORAY! OH NO!

12345528_999643823427903_60178090770205930_nSo…guess what, back down the two city-blocks of hallways, past my friends at the security station and to the shuttle bus. By this time everyone is laughing.

As I boarded the bus, again, the driver asked me if I enjoyed riding the shuttle? I told his that this was my version of a vacation; riding around the campus of the hospital. We had a good laugh. When I finally got to my car, I sat a few minutes and laughed so hard I almost cried. This time I drove myself back to the ER, loaded up my client, took him home, made his supper and headed for my home.

My answer to people when they say “what do you do as a Caregiver?” is that I do WHATEVER it is that needs to be done and I do it with a smile, because I make a difference.”